You Will Love What You Have Killed

Éditeur Biblioasis
Langue : Anglais
Collection : Biblioasis International Translation Series
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Faldistoire’s grandfather thinks he’s a ghost. Sylvie’s mother reads Tarot and summons stormclouds to mete her witch’s justice. Behind his Dad of the Year demeanor, Sébastien’s father hides dark designs. It’s Croustine’s grandfather who makes the boy a pair of slippers from the dead family dog, but it’s his dad, the uncannily-named Kevin Lambert, who always seems to be nearby when tragedy strikes, and in the cemetery, under the expressionless gazes of toads, small graves are continuously being dug: Chicoutimi, Quebec, is a dangerous place for children. But these young victims of rape, accidental violence, and senseless murder keep coming back. They return to school, discover their sexualities, keep tabs on grown-up sins—and plot their apocalyptic revenge. Surreal and darkly comic, the debut novel by Kevin Lambert, one of the most celebrated and controversial writers to come out of Quebec in recent memory, takes the adult world to task—and then takes revenge.

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